More Than Three Decades Of Immigration Law Experience

At Hurlbut & Hurlbut, P.C., we have committed ourselves to offering personalized attention to people dealing with our nation's complex and difficult immigration legal system. In doing so, we draw on a background that includes more than thirty years of immigration law experience.

Prior to entering private practice in 1998, our firm's founding lawyer, attorney John F. Hurlbut, served more than ten years as an attorney for the then INS (now the CIS). While representing the government, attorney Hurlbut served as a trial attorney and then as the second-highest ranking attorney in the Chicago region, covering Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Therefor, we know what the government is thinking when it comes to handling your case. You can rely on us to help you understand that, too.

We Understand How The Immigration System Works

Our experience means we have been down these roads many times and can help you do the same. As a result, we can give you solid advice even when the immigration laws are changing or unclear.

It also means we have the seasoned legal judgment that can help you understand how the system will approach your case and what you can do to best position yourself for success. In providing you with that advice, we include our own knowledge of how certain judges may view cases similar to yours.

We always work hard to tailor our advice to you as much as possible to your individual situation. To do that, we take the time to sit down with you one-to-one and listen to your story.

Our firm can also help you with general civil legal matters. These matters can include both transactional matters as well as civil litigation.

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

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